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The Emo Convention has begun...

a very short update as i prepare to do the thing that i have to do...

i'm pretty much into my third round of starbucks coffee since i left work...driving (or blazing) through C5 was something i thought i'll never do with the new car. o well...anyway...as i mooched off my cousin's mac i realized that most people in here are getting ready for the emo convention (aka MCR concert). lots of black...white...red...gray..over waxed hair with the flip thing...guyliner...looking like the dead make up...fake blood...black skinny jeans and chucks. i feel soooo under dressed. most of them are still in high school - i think.

hay naku...this is all worth it...i get to see papa mikey again - HOT!!! love em emo guys. hehe.

this will be so corny and i hope you won't hold this against me...See you at the black parade! wahahaha!

ps...i didn't know angelina was pregnant!! ooohhh...another cute baby.