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things that i learned....

in 2008 i learned a lot of things....

1. great things come in small packages
    - Trinity H. Uyquiengco was born on February 2, 2008. A very cute, poopy and noisy baby at first. But now she's the joy in our lives. She makes us laugh by just tilting her head to the side. She makes us go "Aaaawwwww" when she speaks. She makes us proud when she took her first step.

2. love surprises even the most cynic of us
    - March 5, 2008 will always and forever be the most amazing date for me. I wouldn't have thought that I would find the "one" in Bubba Gump of all places...but I did. I have never been this happy and in love. Everyday I thank God for him. Everyday I picture my future with him. And Everyday, I fall even more in love with him.

3. love doesn't always mean you'll be happy everyday but it may surprise you
   - In contrast to what I just typed above...there were times that I got hurt. But in those times, I just pray. Pray that we will get pass the fight and hurting. I believe that these were tests. We were tested on how much we could endure. We were taught how to fight for each other and not with each other. We learned to protect each other. Surprises are big, soft and fluffy...haha.

4. love comes to those who wait...even if you have to kiss a lot of frogs along the way
    - it is not my story to tell. but at least now she listened. love hurts, yes...but it doesn't mean you have to let it. it is what it is.

5. true friends stay or comes home
   - my best friend came back. eventhough she didn't stay, I had the most amazing time with her. It felt like we were never apart. I love her so much. And I miss her. She's an amazing person and a true friend. but then there are some who just drifted away. I hope he's happy and doing well.

6. not everyone is your friend
   - an issue about me surfaced in my work place. an issue that is so absurd and untrue. just thinking about it makes me so angry. they've said some things about me and when i do find out who said it, no more miss nice girl. I find myself un-merciful about this.

7. there are really no good shows anymore
   - at least here in the philippines. but this is just my opinion.

8. you have to take good care of yourself
   - i've been sick more this year (2008) than last year (2007). But I am blessed to have my family and Erick taking care.

 I guess that's it. here's to the new year and the hope for a better, brighter future.