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They heard the cries of the fans.....

I'm sorry that she lost a great gig but relieve that she won't be directing the remaining books in the twilight saga.

Yup, I'm talking about Catherine Hardwicke (for people not in the "know" - she directed Twilight) Summit entertainment wants to release NEW MOON by 2009 or early 2010. Also they want to shoot NEW MOON back to back with ECLIPSE. (Kinda like Harry Potter) Apparently she needs more time to prep to bring her vision of NEW MOON to the big screen and Summit can't give her that...I mean, if you have a cash cow in your hands, wouldn't you milk it every chance you get?

I hope they really get Cuaron. I wonder what will happen if Guy Ritchie directs it (segueway to RockNRolla...will watch it later - review to follow)

So cheer up...hopefully someone will breathe new life to New Moon - no pun intended.

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