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Twilight Fanatics!!!

so i was able to get erick to watch twilight..hehehe.

anyway, this is not a review about the movie. it was good. as erick and i get comfortable in our seats, i had a very strong suspicion that the only reason why the movie house was full was because of Robert Pattinson (he plays edward cullen...duh!) I told erick to brace himself for shrieks...Lo and Behold, as Edward appears on screen, teens and not so teens shrieked and screamed as if the actor was there in person.

Now I would understand if he was there in person. But these people just ruined a crucial part of the movie (when the cullens are introduced...when edward was introduced) with all the screaming, we couldn't hear what was being said. Not all people in that movie house have read the book. So when these girls screamed, a person behind us told them to shut up and that they can't hear what is being said. And what did those girls do? Well, they just rolled their eyes and ate their popcorn...how rude right?

So my message is this...I know the guy is cute but COMMON COURTESY PEOPLE!!! We paid good money to watch the movie and we deserve to watch it without PEOPLE LIKE YOU ROBERT PATTINSON FANATICS screaming everytime he's on screen. HE'S NOT GOING TO HEAR YOU!!!!!

There should be a new rule: No Cellphones, No Narrating, NO SCREAMING FOR THE CUTE GUY when in you're in the theater.